Welcome to EURASYC

The European Association on Systemic Consultancy (EURASYC) was founded in 2007 as an initiative for gathering the large amount of professionals practicing Systemic Consultancy, Organisational Constellations, and Systemic Coaching. It initially began in Europe, although soon it spread across the world, turning into the largest world wide Association on the subject.

We currently cover 25 countries worldwide across four continents.
Our goals are to:
  - Represent the Systemic Consultancy community at European Level
  - Foster the spreading of Systemic Consultancy across Europe and also worldwide
  - Help the continuous evolution of Systemic Consultancy


We are an inclusive association that supports excellence, without controlling its members. Our approach is multi-cultural and interdisciplinary in spirit. We intend to gather all professionals practicing Organisational Constellations and Systemic Coaching, by offering them a common infrastructure.

EURASYC is a non-Profit Association.